Volt Check Voltage-Continuity Tester Pièce numéro VC61000


Volt Check Voltage-Continuity Tester VC61000

Multi-function tool indicates voltage level, tests continuity and includes non-contact AC voltage detection. The Volt Check integrates many functions required for installations and trouble-shooting into one heavy-duty tool. This Smart Meter easily adjusts to the required application without the need to adjust any dials. The integrated Circuit Alert technology for non-contact AC voltage detection uses the only button found on the test unit! Move from continuity testing to AC or DC voltage measurements without making a single adjustment. Magnets molded into the back of the unit allow for total lead control while testing. The versatility of this tester, combined with the ten foot drop rating and two hundred fifty pound crush rating, make it one of the most durable, accurate and safe electrical probes on the market today.

  • Indicates AC/DC Voltage, Continuity, DC Polarity and Non-contact AC Voltage presence
  • Circuit Alert non-contact AC voltage detection in tip (50-600V AC)
  • Twin Probes for 24-600V AC; 6-220V DC with polarity indication or continuity
  • Smart Meter Technology automatically selects voltage or continuity test; No adjustment dials or range selection necessary
  • Snap-in leads are spaced to fit a standard outlet for inchone hand inch operation
  • 26 inch Sta-Flex cold weather leads with strain reliefs
  • Operates from (3) AAA batteries
  • Operates from (3) AAA batteries
Limited Lifetime
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