DC Management


Commonly used on vehicles where the batteries are located near the operator
Automatically combine two battery banks during charging
BusBars range in capacity with a variety of terminal and stud configurations
PowerPost connectors terminate multiple large conductors
Easily add 4 fused circuits to the terminal of a battery
AGC, ATM, easyID ATC, ANL, Class T, Terminal Fuses and Fuse Holders
A variety of standard, heavy duty and waterproof in-line fuse holders
Use 285 Series Circuit Breakers when switching and circuit protection are both required
Fuse blocks mount to a solid surface and may contain one or multiple fuses
Circuit breakers with integrated and illuminated on indication
Intelligent device recognition allows rapid charging of phones, tablets, or other mobile devices
Digitally controls dimming of non-regulated LED, incandescent and halogen lights
Voltmeters, inverters, receptacles, plugs, extension cords, charger combos
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