RV EEL Cordsets

One hand. A simple twist. Full power.
Introducing the RV EEL Cordset.
Broken rings, cross-threaded rings, or no ring at all have been a problem when trying to create a weathertight seal for park power connections. Misusing the threaded ring can create unsafe operating situations and ruin a pleasant day. ParkPower's new, patented locking system eliminates the need for the traditional locking ring, creates a watertight seal every time, and ensures a safer RV experience.

RV EEL Cordsets
EEL stands for Easily Engaged Lock, and just like a real eel, the RV EEL Cordset clamps down and doesn't let go to create a safe power connection and a watertight seal.

Patented Jaw Clamp technology
No threaded ring required. Create a watertight seal every time.

Proprietary built-in cord light
Added safety—alert light indicates if you are still plugged in

Power Indicator Light on both ends
Informs you that power is flowing through the cord

Secondary lock for added security
When engaged, the jaws cannot be unclamped

Universal Connection
Connects to any brand, NEMA configured inlet 


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