Cable tie, 11", 75lb, Black; 100/bag Part # 73273


Cable tie, 11", 75lb, Black; 100/bag 73273

Designed for strength, durability and reliability. Ideal for all bundling and organizing tasks from the workshop to the office and from the laundry room to the kitchen; you name it, and these ties will bundle it. Designed with simple enhancements that make them easy to use including a slightly bent tip to ensure easy insertion into the tie head and close serrations along its length to promote precise adjustment when tightening. Gentle on the hands with smooth r edges that ensure "slip" through the head and finger grips on the end to provide a secure and comfortable grip when tightening.

  • Double Locking feature gives the ties a tensile strength that is 50% greater than the industry standard.
  • Made from durable 100% nylon 6/6 material
  • Raised ridges on the plastic zip ties and bent tips provide a secure grip with minimal effort to close.
  • 3 inch. maximum bundle diameter
  • 75 pound tensile strength; 100/Bag
  • 3" Maximum bundle diameter
  • 11" Long X 0.17" Wide X .055 Thick with 75 Lb. Tensile Strength
  • Black in color
  • 100/Bag
Nylon Standard Cable Tie
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